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The home of the affordable 3D resin.

Ever since the SLA and DLP printers became readily available, the problem has always been the quality and the pricing of the resins. Where the 3D printers were available in a range of qualities and prices, the development of the resins stayed behind.

Our mission is to produce quality resins for everyone, at an affordable price! 

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Our resins are Acrylic based resins systems with very attractive properties:
  • Broad range of wavelengths
  • Suitable for laser, Dlp, Led systems
  • Ultra short exposure time
  • Low shrinkage
  • Hard, Soft and castable types
  • High Chemical resistance
  • Range of colours


Various bespoke resins have been developed by us to suit the specific needs of customers.

Are you in need of a SLA or DLP resin with special properties? Please let us ​know.

Latest News



FunToDo 3D DLP Resins Canada

Our products are now available in Canada!
No import duties, no extra shipping costs, just locally available through our Canadian distributor!
Take a look at their website by clicking on their logo.


​Distributor for Spain!

FunToDo 3D DLP resins distributor Spain

We are proud to announce our new distributor for Spain.
As of now they have all our products in stock.
​domoTek is run by 3D specialist señor Koldo Artola Nedgueruela.