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3D DLP printer resin 4 all !

Fun to do,
home of the affordable 3-D Dlp resin

You bought or build your 3-D dlp Printer, ready to go, eager to do some stunning prints and then... buying resin for your DLP 3D printer turns out to be almost unaffordable.

Besides the base price of the resin, often the resin has to fly half the world to get to your doorstep, making the shipping costs almost as expensive as the resin itself.

As a 3-D printer enthousiast, having designed and build my own 3-D Dlp printer, this was a serious drawback!

After quite a journey, with the help of some specialists from university and various suppliers, I have developed a DLP resin myself.

The resin is not an adoptation of resins for other applications, no this resin has been specially developed with the 3D Dlp printer home user in mind.

I want to make the resin available to all 3D Dlp printer enthousiasts all over the world at an reasonable, affordable price!


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The FunToDo Resin is availabe in two colours with similar properties. Red and Black.


The 1 liter bottle has a retail price of 45,- excluding VAT and Shipping.


We also have a Tester bottle for the customer who just wants to try out the excellent properties of the resin on their printer, before buying a liter bottle.


Price 10,- excluding Vat & shipping.




The tester bottle is only available through

All prices are recommended retail prices.

The formula of the resin is specially developed for 3D Dlp printers.