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Ever since the SLA and DLP printers became readily available, the problem has always been the quality and the pricing of the resins. Where the 3D printers were available in a range of qualities and prices, the development of the resins stayed behind.

Our mission is to produce quality resins for everyone, at an affordable price! 

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FunToDo Sample Pack

FunToDo Resins Sample Pack

The  FunToDo Sample Pack,
3 x 250ml resins, Industrial Blend Black, Industrial Blend Unpigmented, and Snow White.
The set comes complete with 4 x 5ml pigments (5ml enough pigment for a Kg. of resin)
Retail price only €35,- 
​Buy at your local reseller, this saves on shipping and taxes!
The Sample Kit is ideal for all new users who haven’t found their favourite yet, or for the experienced users who are looking for quality resins with great  properties!

PDMS Repair Kit

FunToDo Resins PDMS repair kit

Many High End printers (like the Formlabs machines, the B9 etc.) come with a PDMS layer in their VAT  (or Tank) which prevents the print from sticking to the VAT bottom while printing.
Over time, after several prints, this layer gets less transparent at places where prints have been build. This phenomenon, also known as “Ghosting” makes printing less efficient, less “crisp”. This is normal wear and tear. But once this happens, you have to buy a new Vat/Tank. This will easily costs you about €60,-
With our new PDMS Repair Kit you can replace this old PDMS layer of your VAT/Tank with a new one, for only a fraction of the price of a new Tank!
The Repair Kit can replace about 2-4 linings (depending on the machine and thickness of the layer)

Recommended retail price €21,-

(all prices ex taxes & shipping)


Our resins are Acrylic based resins systems with very attractive properties:
  • Broad range of wavelengths
  • Suitable for laser, Dlp, Led systems
  • Ultra short exposure time
  • Low shrinkage
  • Hard, Soft and castable types
  • High Chemical resistance
  • Range of colours


Various bespoke resins have been developed by us to suit the specific needs of customers.

Are you in need of a SLA or DLP resin with special properties? Please let us ​know.

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Formlabs Form1 and Form1+ resin

This unique FunToDo Stainless Steel 8Gb USB stick can be yours!
Have you bought a Sample Pack, and are you going to buy a full bottle FunToDo resin of your choice at the same reseller?
You will get this practical USB stick for free with your purchase!

Are you going to buy two full bottles FunToDo resin of your choice at your local reseller?
You also will get this practical USB stick for free with your purchase!
This USB stick is an ideal place to store your 3D print designs!
Keep them close and handy at your keyring.
This offer is valid as long as stock of the USB sticks last, so don’t miss out! 

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