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oakley sunglasses outlet sale his mood seems to have become more peaceful, and will not be particularly pursuing anything. But is the low-key goods, rational consumption of the popular wave Uncle, but in the exhibition site generous out of the credit card directly out of a single, spend 15 million to buy a watch, causing the scene is not a small sensation. Blancpain brand as a friend, Wu Xiubo Blancpain watch already has several different occasions with him, and pay for their sponsors, people seem to always be an incredible thing. Speaking of reasons, Wu Xiubo admits more of this watch is hidden in the significance of the infection moved. Of course, the 'National Uncle' to buy the identity of this watch is also very special, as the 2016 Blancpain marine public welfare special limited edition watch - Blancpain 'heart of the ocean' 2016 limited edition deep dive watch, Wu Xiubo watch this watch number is the most special 001, which is the first of the 250 limited edition. The reason why it is only the sale of such a small number discount oakley sunglasses

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oakley outlet but also in the watch manufacturing process is very complex. In order to convey this watch and the connection between the ocean, Blancpain for the first time a special process to create a quintana like the ocean-like full blue ceramic watch. According to Blancpain, vice president of China, Mr. Liao Yu tells the blue ceramic in the firing process is extremely difficult to control, and the crown and chronograph button as an exceptionally delicate watch parts, firing coloring technology is different from the case, In order to show the same blue ceramic texture, to achieve high degree of difficulty; thus showing the Blancpain this is not simply through the shell coloring to create a solid whole body blue products, in the watch industry is called the first, Milestone significance. Of course, in addition to the technology used in the casing second to none, the watch to attract wave Uncle buy an important factor is that the watch and the link between environmental protection, sales of each watch income oakley sunglasses outlet store

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cheap oakley sunglasses outlet there will be 1000 euros To support the 'heart of the ocean' to carry out public welfare undertakings, Blancpain expected to eventually be able to raise 250,000 euros to support this by exploring the deep sea, to enhance public awareness of marine awareness projects. In fact, Wu Xiubo and the marine public relations between the project is also very close: As we all know, Wu Xiubo long-term commitment to the cause of international wild marine animal protection, in 2014, at the invitation of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Participated in the South of France brand 'heart of the ocean' after the start of activities, Wu Xiubo first purchase of the year to launch the subject only limited watch, then, he has also participated in the domestic 'heart of the sea' tour activities for the ocean Public shout to help out. Of course, this insistence also in exchange for a lot of results in the past two years, Blancpain in the field of marine protection contributed significantly, funded to support the ten expeditionary exploration projects oakley sunglasses factory outlet

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