Our distributors


Fun to do 3D dlp resins in Australia

Gizmo 3D Printers is our distributor for Australia.
hey are the producers of a range of DLP printers ranging from small to ultra large! 
You can contact them at: info@gizmo3dprinters.com.au


PicoPrint is a reseller for Australia. When visiting their website you will find besides our resins, loads of electronics, mostly related to 3D printers.


FunToDo 3D DLP Resins in Belgium

3Dogg Belgium is our distributor for Belgium. Besides selling our resins, they have the largest collection of resins in Europe.


FunToDo 3D DLP Resins in Brazil

Rocha3D is our reseller for Brazil, They have a small suite of our products in stock. They are also the producer of their own DLP 3D Printer.
For more information and orders, you can reach them at: Rommel0210@hotmail.com


Fun to do 3D dlp resins in Bulgaria

3D-BG is our distributor for Bulgaria. They currently concentrate on solely selling our resins.
Contact: 3d-bg@mail.ru


FunToDo 3D DLP Resins Canada

CreativeCadworks is our distributor for Canada. Besides being active in the field of CAD designing for the last 6 years, they are now distributing our resins in Canada. They also sell Miicraft 3D printers. The Miicraft printer is is a perfect match for all our blends, and is officially certified for use with our resins.
You can reach them at sales@creativecadworks.ca


FunToDo 3D DLP Resins Canada

Spool3D is a reseller of FunToDo resins in Canada. Besides selling our products they also sell a range of FDM and resin printers in Canada. They have their own line of filament. They are also a great source for DIY parts.
You can reach them at sales@spool3d.ca


FunToDo 3D DLP Resins in Brazil

ProtoLab 3D is the FunToDo distributor for Colombia. They have our complete product range in stock.
They are also the official distributors of the mUVe DLP printer. Besides that they also produce FDM 3D printers.
You can contact them at: info@protolab3d.co

Cyprus (EU)

Fun to do 3D dlp resins in Cyprus

rdGizmo For You LTD is our distributor in the European part of Cyprus. They also produce their own 3D printer the Ilios. Recently they have come up with a revolutionary sla new printer design. Read all about it on the technical details page of the Ilios Ray. You can contact them at info@ilios3d.com

Czech Republic & Slovakia

FunToDo 3D DLP resins Czech republic Slovakia

Futur3D is our distributor for the Czech Republic and Slovakia
They have the complete range of our resins in stock for you to order locally. 
Also take a look at their 3Dwarf, a high resolution DLP printer.


Fun to do 3D dlp resins in Denmark

3D-Print is our distributor for Denmark besides selling our resins they also sell parts for your selfbuild 3D printer.


FunToDo.fi is our official distributor for Finland. You can reach them at: info@funtodo.fi


FunToDo 3D DLP resins in France

FR3Dprint is reseller for France. They have our complete range of products in stock. 
Fr3Dprint is run by a very enthusiastic DIY DLP printer developer. He has been Fun To Do resin tester from the first hour!
You can contact him through: fr3dprint@gmail.com


FunToDo 3D DLP resins in France

Atome3D is Reseller for France. They have our complete range of products in stock. They also sell a range of high and entry level printers.


FunToDo Reseller for France

3D-Expert.fr is Reseller for France, besides our resins they also sell a number of popular 3D printers


FunToDo 3D DLP resins in Brazil

Rapid Solid Part is our distributor for Egypt. Besides covering Egypt, they form our entry point for  Africa and the Middle East. They have developed an affordable DLP printer, focussing on the professional market. They are also offering 3D scanning and 3D printing services. For ordering & information, contact them at: info@raspart.com


German representative

Burms is reseller for Germany
Besides selling our resins, they advice and sell high end 3D printers.


Enoworx is our distributor for Greece.
They are the specialists on 3d Printing in Greece. You can buy our products through their shop:Layers
ou can reach them by email: konstantinos.pap@enoworx.gr or by phone: +30 211 800 5885

Hong Kong

3DMart HK is our reseller for Hong Kong and Macau. Besides a (small) selection of FunToDo products, 3DMart HK supplies also other 3d printing products and supplies.


Fun to do 3D dlp resins in Hungary

Besides the complete range of Fun To Do products our distributor for Hungary Protokat, also offers rapid prototyping, reverse engineering, CAD and product design, and the sales of 3d printing products. To order contact: info@protokat.com


MakeMendel is our distributor for India, they have all our products in stock.
Besides distributing our products, they have an online store of 3D Printers and 3D Accessories, Filaments and Resins.
They also offer workshops.
MakeMendel is a 3D printer manufacturer based in Mumbai, INDIA. You can contact them at support@makemendel.com


Fun To Do resins Italian Distributor

Lumi Industries are the distributors for Italy.
They are the Makers of the Lumi Pocket, the smallest 3D printer in the world!
To order our products, you can contact them at info@lumindustries.com


FuntoDo distributor for Japan

NSS is our distributor for Japan. They have all our products in stock. NSS sells FTD resin and FDM / DLP3d printers and also, the FTD resin samples are on display in the NSS Tokyo showroom, so you can visit anytime.
You can reach them through info@nssndt.com

The Netherlands

FuntoDo distributor for the Netherlands

3Dogg is our official Distributor for the Netherlands. Located on the border with Germany makes it the ideal partner for us. They are also our official representatives for the German Universities.
Besides selling our complete SLA/DLP product range, they also specialize in High-end speciality filaments like Graphene, Peek, and Medical filaments. You can contact them at info@3dogg.com or by phone: +31 6 22 395 762 (German, Dutch and English spoken)


Fun to do 3D dlp resins in Poland

SEB-Comp is our distributor for Poland.

Besides selling our resins they sell various popular SLA/DLP/DPP printers 


Dental Wave is our representative for Dentifix-3D in Portugal.
they are supplier of a wide range of high end dental products.
You can contact them through their website: Contact Dental Wave 


FunToDo distributor for Romania

FormWerk is our distributor for Romania. Besides selling our resins,  they serve the 3D printing DIY community, commercial and industrial clients with first class products and services. 
You can contact them through: info@formwerk.ro 


Fun to do 3D dlp resins in Russia

FunToDo.ru is our official distributor for Russia. Besides selling our resins, they sell various well known SLA and DLP/LCD 3D printers. You can reach them at: info@funtodo.ru


FunToDo 3D DLP resins Singapore Distributor

3D printing Materials Store is our official Distributor for Singapore. Besides al our FunToDo resins they are also well stocked in filaments and filament printers.
You can order all our products directly from their store.


3Way is our distributor for Slovenia.
You can reach them at info@3way.si

South Africa

Liquid3D, our distributor for South Africa and nearby African countries.
Besides distributing our resins they also provide support, courses and In-depth information on SLA based printing and setup requirements. You can reach them by email: david@liquid3d.co.za or by phone: 083 279 0286
Their address: 229 Short Road, Muldersdrift, 1747, Johannesburg

South Korea

FunToDo 3D Dlp resin distributor for South Korea

DDI  is our new distributor for South Korea. DDI a well known filament reseller in South Korea has expanded their product range with our resins.
As of now, you can order our products directly and locally from their website.
You can contact them through email: ickhwan2@naver.com


FunToDo 3D DLP resins distributor Spain

domoTek is our official Distributor for Spain. They have our complete range of products in stock. You can order all of our products directly from their store. Besides selling our resins they also provide a 3D prototype service.
You can contact them at info@domotek.es or through their contact page.

Sweden & Norway

FunToDo 3D DLP resins Sweden Norway

Fixas Lifelike Creations, our distributor for Sweden and Norway.

​Besides selling exclusively Fun To Do resins, they do design, prototype development and special effects for the film industries. They also have experience in building both FDM and DLP printers and will gladly advice consumers on their own DIY builds. You can contact them at info@fixas.se


Creative 3D is our distributor for Norway 
Besides selling all our resins the also are retailer of various 3D printers. Bent LInde (CEO) is very knowledgable about the use of our resins on their printers. So if you need support finding your way, this is the place to go to.
You can reach them at: kundeservice@creative3d.no


FunToDo 3D DLP resins Switzerland

CADPRINT is our distributor for Switzerland. Besides all our FunToDo resins the also distribute   several printers amongst them the mUVe printer which is certified by us for use with our resin. They provide 3D printservices, printer consumables, courses and all other 3D printer related activities. You can contact them at: info@cadprint.ch


FunToDo 3D DLP Resins in Taiwan

3DMart is our distributor for Taiwan (R.O.C). Being focused on high quality 3D Printing materials they represent top level European, USA and Asian brands of filaments, resins and 3D printers. You can contact them at: ​client@3dmart.com.tw


Vulkantech is our official Distributor for Turkey. They specialize in dental solutions.
 You can reach them at  info@vulcan-3d.com


Fun to do 3D dlp resins in Ukraine

3D Printer.org.ua is our distributor for the Ukraine.
Besides selling our resins, they also sell filaments and 3D printers.

United Kingdom

FunToDo 3D DLP resins United Kingdom

PeeDie Models is Our official and Fully Dedicated distributor for the United Kingdom. Besides having the full range of the FunToDo products in stock. They are very active in the Design and Development of Miniature Railway models and accessories. They also offer a 3D printing service. You can reach them at sales@peediemodels.com or by phone: +44 (0)1856 252510


Fun to do 3D dlp resins in USA

FilamentOne is a major reseller for the United States of America.
​Besides selling  Fun To Do resins, they specialise in reselling and the manufactoring of 3D Printer materials.


Fun To Do - the Netherlands

Contact Fun To Do 3D Dlp Resin

For all countries not listed in our distributorslist, you can contact us directly at: Info@funtodo.net.

Is your country not in the list, and are you involved in 3D printing in your country? Would you like to be part of this success story?  

Becoming a distributor might be just for you!